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A man is a god in ruin.
- Duke Ellington

Golden Blizzard is a blaster on the Virtue server of the game City of Heroes.

Golden Blizzard
Blizzard flying over Croatoa
Global Defenders Watchman
Player: @Screaming Patriot
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Blaster
Security Level: 50
Identifying Data
Real Name: Ray Charles Ellington (known only by his teammates and a few close friends)
Known Aliases: Blizz, G. B., Goldy, Blizzler
Species: Human
Age: 23
Height: 6'1
Weight: 186 lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Additional Data
Place of Birth: Washington D.C.
Citizenship: US citizen
Current Residence: The Trident Towers, Vista Plaza, Skyway City
Occupation: musician, composer, concert pianist, producer
Marital Status: Single
Legal Status: US citizen
Known Relatives and/or Associates
Drake Ellington (father), Lavender Richardson Ellington (mother), Lance Ellington (rumored to be Ray's half brother)
Known Powers
Mental mastery of ice and frost. Ability to store, process, control and manipulate ice and frost in various ways
Training / Abilities
Can hurl shards of ice at high velocity with deadly precision. Can freeze enemies within blocks of ice. Can cause shards of ice to fall from the sky. Can lower the temperature of the air around him to cause frost damage to whomever attacks him. Can coat entire body with ice and craft weapons from ice.
Various cryogenic power suits and armor; tech wings
Masthead Herobox.jpg
"In all corners of the Globe"



Charming, sentimental, and naive at times Golden Blizzard is an all around good guy. He genuinely cares for humanity as a whole and is a very loyal friend. He is often quiet around people he don't know very well, but he is far from shy or antisocial. Being that he was raised by an image conscious family he usually conducts himself in a mature, business-like manner. One of the perks of being a member of the Global Defenders is the beautiful women that Blizzard gets to work with. Sometimes their choice of attire may render him speechless, but if he manages to comment it's never lewd or disrespectful. While he is relatively easy going whenever his teammates or friends are in peril or threatened, his fierce temper is revealed.


Golden Blizzard mutation grants him an extraordinary mastery of frost and ice.

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Additional Powers


Weaknesses and Limitations

Golden Blizzard is one of the weaker hand to hand combats on the Global Defenders roster. He only began martial arts training when he arrived in Paragon City. Many of his teammates have years of such training under their belt. Blizzard's loyality to the people closest to him have clouded his judgement from time to time causing his teammates to question some of the decisions he makes.


Several cryogenic powersuits and power armor. Golden Blizzard with the help of Solar Wing and Atom Basher's twin brother Bruce constantly upgrades his armors and powersuits. The upgrades often includes the integration of technology from the enemies he has faced, such as the Rikti and the Crey. Blizzard's Global Defender communication link is built into the left shoulder of all of his field equipment. He also has a crafted pair of tech wings that attached to some of his heavy armored suits as well as rocket boots to aid with flight.


Ray Charles Ellington was born September 21, 1987. Being the great grandson of reknown jazz composer Edward "Duke" Ellington and named after his father's favorite singer, a lot was expected of Ray. He began reading books at 18 months and when he was found at his grandmother's piano at the age of 3 playing every song that came on the radio he was labeled a musical child prodigy. A young adolescent Ray Ellington was featured on a few jazz albums, made appearances on some talk shows from the early '90s, and even once performed at the White House for the President of the United States. Ray was thought to be the one who would carry the torch of the Ellington family's legacy into the future. Outside of his musical activities Ray was pretty much sheltered as a child. He could not go outside and play with the other kids and because of this he did not make many friends while he was an adolescent.

Manifestation of Power

Ray began developing different abilities with his mind around the age of 12. He found that if he was exposed to a form of electromagnetic radiation, elemental, or another type of energy power source long enough he could control and manipulate if he focused his mind on it. He could however, only focus on one particular power at a time as focusing on another would cause him to lose his mastery over his current power. The more he focused on the power, the greater his mastery of it became. In time if he focused his mind he was able to process, store the power source within his body to use and manipulate it even when he wasn't in contact with the power. At this time, his power of choice was solar energy. He would practice secretly in the basement out of the watchful eye of his parents.

The Prodigy Becomes a Fugitive

On January 19, 1999. A collection of super villians attempted an attack on the White House. Although the were defeated by a group of heroes before the attack even materialized, The president launched a mutant iniative in the city of Washington D. C. Any mutant or metahuman who injured a non mutant using their abilities were classified as a terroristic threat to the executive branch of the United States Government. These people were to be brought in and imprisioned until further measures were created as to what to do with them. Super Hero organization who had registered in Paragon City or otherwise approved by the United States government was exempt from these stipulations.

One day at school Ray got into an altercation with Nate Smith, the school bully during lunch break. During this encounter, Ray grabbed onto the Nate's arm and burned it severely. It wasn't long before he was discovered to be a mutant and life drastically changed for Ray and his family. His parents not wanting to leave Ray's fate up to this newly formed mutant iniative decided to move away hoping things would quiet down, but they did not. Nate and the Smith family appeared on every talk show that would book them. Nate would show his badly burned arm with tears in his eyes. Before long Ray Charles Ellington, who was once the toast of Washington D. C. was slowing becoming the face of dangerous fugitive mutants.

Golden Blizzard with Lightning Knight

Path to Paragon City

The next several years was about survival for Ray and his parents. They moved from city to city, his parents were forced to find odd jobs to keep a low profile. This eventually put such a strain on the marriage that Ray's parents divorced. Ray went through a rebellious period where he ran from home feeling misunderstood and guilty for what he felt he had caused his family. He met and befriended Lightning Knight, who would later become a member of the Global Defenders, during this time. When Ray was 19 he and his mother were living in Canada when they got caught up in a Rikti attack. One of the drones were about to shoot his mother, but Ray dived in front of his mother and took the blast. The force of the blast knocked him into the side of an eroded snowbank. His impact upon hitting the snowbank caused a minor avalanche and Ray lying there unconscious became frozen in a block of ice and buried under the avalanche. His mother begged from a hospital bed for his body to be discovered and a search party went out during the blizzard to try to find Ray, but it was impossible. Finally a week later, his body was discovered and upon thawing him out, the doctors were suprised to find out that he was still alive...but barely. Due to this incident Ray gained a permanant powerful mastery of ice, but he could no longer use his mind to master other powers.

Due to this incident Ray gained a permanant powerful mastery of ice, but he could no longer use his mind to master other powers. During his recovery Ray had time to do a great deal of soul searching. Realizing that his pursuit of a normal life would never happen the way he had envisioned it Ray decided to move to Paragon City and try to become a hero. He knew he had been considered a fugitive for so long, but he was prepared to turn himself in and accept what ever fate awaited him.

Current Activities

Two weeks after arriving in Paragon City, Ray revealed his identity to FBSA officials at the City Hall of Paragon City. He expressed his desire in theto defend the city as one of it's heroes. He was granted a liscence but only under approved supervision due to his previous status as a fugitive mutant. One of the City Representative contacted Atom Basher of the Global Defenders and talked to him about Ray. Atom Basher and Crimson Vendetta agreed to take him into their organization on a trial basis. Ray's dedication and shining example has enabled him to move up the ranks within the Global Defenders in a short time. He initially took an interest in the business side of the organization. He attended many UN board meetings negoitiating for better funding before the Defender's financial structure was revamped. He also takes part in human resources and personnel management.

Golden Blizzard led a team of Global Defenders to rescue fellow Defender Irish Night after she was captured by a ruthless villian from her past.

He eventually rose to become the reluctant leader of the Defenders for quite few month until Irish Night took over as the Apex of the Global Defenders. Recently after the death of Irish Hope and Lightning Knight, he stepped down from all forms of leadership, overcome with grief.


Global Defenders, Midnight Squad, Vanguard, ASCAP

  • Global Defenders: There is no place like home and Golden Blizzard has found a home within the ranks of the Global Defenders. He is a loyal member and gives his all to the organization.
  • Medikka: She has no memory of her past and Blizzard bears emotional scars from his. The greatest gift the present offer Blizzard and Medikka may prove to be each other.
  • Shining Falcon: One of Blizzard's closest and most trustworthy friends. Blizzard and Falcon are always looking out for each other on and off the battlefield.
  • Kristen Rau: A resident of the Rogue Isles, it would be wise for Ray to be wary of her. Through working for Vanguard they have forged an unlikely friendship that could backfire on Blizzard.
  • Irish Night: Quiet, patient, caring, and loyal. Irish Night has become one of Golden Blizzard's most beloved friends. They have a unique bond and seem to always be there for each other when it's needed the most.
  • Atomic Juggernaut: The Atomic Juggernaut is a combination of a Ritki DNA, virus, and human DNA, that is thought to have compromised immune system of one of Golden Blizzard's teammates and friends the Atomic Guardsman. Although the Atomic Juggernaut currently appears to be assisting the city, Blizzard does not trust him and they have came close to blows on many occasions.



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