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Ernie Wright, aka Springfist, operated as a superhero in Central America during the period 1930-1962. He worked alongside such superheroic luminaries as Xanatos, The Golden Knight, Visor, Bright Hammer, West Wing, Green Beard, Mr. Purple and many other members of the golden age supergroup known as the Cosmic Crew.

Springfist's name derives from the source of his powers, two mechanical gloves he wears over his fists. The gloves are alien in nature, and are virtually indestructible. The gloves can extend outwards up to a range of 15 feet, seperating from the user as they do so. They deliver quite a powerful punch on impact, capable of breaking through brick walls with relative ease. When the gloves are in their compressed condition, they grant Ernie with slight super strength: Due to the increased pressure behind the piston-powered gloves.

Before becoming a superhero at the age of 18, Ernie Wright was an amateur boxer from Blackpool, England.

In 1962 Springfist disappeared for unknown reasons. He had just turned 60. It was only in 2010, nearly half a century later, that the reason for his disappearance was revealed; he had been accidentally teleported to the future during a battle with the maniacal supervillain "The Grand Duke". Overjoyed to see an old ally of his still alive, Xanatos invited Springfist into the ranks of the Old Guard. Springfist becomes his second in command.

The joyous reunion would only last two years, however. For Springfist was one of the many heroes killed in 2012 at the hands of Rularuu, in an event that has become known as "The Battle for the Multiverse". Springfist died protecting King's Row alongside other street-level heroes and villains such as Charon, Showtime, and Brickyard.

In 2020, Eight years after his death, his grand-daughter, Evie Wright, continues his legacy under the superhero name Springfoot.

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