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Founder: Galactoman
Side: Hero
Motto: "Go Go Galacto!"
Leader(s): Galactoman
Logo: Galactoman's saturn symbol
Group Colours: Orange and Blue
Levels: All
Play style: Goofy Golden/Silver Age RP
Roleplay: Expected
Timezone(s): USA Eastern Time
Recruiting: Applications accepted
No additional information available.

((The Galacto-Rangers Supergroup is currently recruiting! We're looking for Golden/Silver Age Superhero-types in need of a fun and friendly SG. Roleplayers only, sense of humor a must. Go to or send a /tell to one of our leaders for details!))



Hi there. Galactoman here. You may not be able to tell by looking at me, but back in my home dimension (let's call it "Dimension A") I was pretty much THE big-shot superhero. I used to soar through the cosmos, thwarting evil wherever it was to be found! I saved the world at LEAST twenty times, and that's just the times I can remember! I used to drive a fast car (The Galacto-Mobile), I had a secret Antarctic lair (The Galacto-Dome), and I had a park named after me (Galactoman Park). That is... until something HORRIBLE happened! One night I went to sleep in my secret headquarters with my beautiful wife, Shalice... and the next day I woke up in a tiny studio apartment in a bad part of King's Row! I had somehow been transported to this dimension (we'll call this one "Dimension B"), and no-one from my old life had any recollection of me. My amazing Galacto-Powers had faded tremendously... and I was trapped here in Dimension B without my family, friends, Security Clearance... I've had to start all over! Unable to locate and return to Dimension A, my first order of business in this new place was to assemble a Dimension B version of my hugely famous Dimension A Supergroup, the Galacto-Rangers! To read more about my heroic Galacto-Adventures, have a look at my Galacto-Wiki!

The Galacto-Lieutenants

Helping me organize the Dimension B Galacto-Rangers are my good friends Moose Rider, Luficia, Ether Chill, All-New American, Psi Cicada, Captain Dapper, and The Ensorcelless. They handle all of our Galacto-Paperwork, Galacto-Recruiting, Galacto-Maintenance, Galacto-Finance, as well as tending to whatever painting and odd jobs that need doing around the Galacto-Dome.

The Galacto-Dome

The Galacto-Dome

My Galacto-Rangers and I do the bulk of our work in the Galacto-Dome (and Galacto-Gift Shop). The Galacto-Dome is the Galacto-Rangers' headquarters and base of operations, located in a large King's Row warehouse. The Galacto-Gift Shop out front is our primary source of Galacto-Income. The Galacto-Gift Shop is currently open every day from 9am to 6pm, usually staffed by Ranger Rollz. We're currently looking for more help! $7.25 an hour!


The Galacto-Dome is well-equipped with anything the Galacto-Rangers could need in their day-to-day adventures, including a medical bay, a fully functional laboratory, a meeting hall, a recreation room, and teleporters to nearly every city "zone". For a virtual tour of the Galacto-Dome click HERE; if you prefer a real tour, find a Galacto-Ranger and ask them to show you around!


At this time we do not have any set uniform requirements. However, some of my more loyal Galacto-Rangers choose to fashion their costumes after mine, in honor of their fearless leader!


Our recruitment office in New Overbrook

Last but not least; This is the home of our new Recruitment Office in New Overbrook. It's being run by our new minimum-wage hire Galacto-Secretary Marge. We chose New Overbrook because the rent is cheap: The building's a little slanty, but once you get over the initial nausea and vertigo, it's not so bad.

To Apply For Membership:

We're always recruiting new Galacto-Rangers! All we ask for is strength, dedication, and courage in the face of evil. Though it never hurts to have a cool costume, or lots of money. If you'd like to join the illustrious ranks of the Galacto-Rangers, you can apply at our website ( or track down my lieutenants and me as we patrol the streets of Paragon City!

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