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Founder: Lord Legion
Side: Hero
Motto: "Science and Sorcery. Ghosts and Gadgets. We find a fine balance in the execution of our job."
Leader(s): Lord Legion
Logo: Unknown
Group Colours: Black and Crimson
Levels: All
Play style: Casual and Friendly
Roleplay: Light to Heavy RP
Timezone(s): USA Eastern Time
Recruiting: Applications accepted
No additional information available.
Lord Legion

E-Branch is a Government sponsored agency. Run in secret and kept from the knowledge of the general public. They handle situations both physical and meta-physical in nature. Working as a sort of psychic espionage agency, they handle situations that most other agencies either don't believe in or are ill-equipped to handle.



Originally founded in 2004, and run by Sebastian Kyle, aka the In-Betweener, the Branch handled many alien and natural threats to Paragon City and the rest of the east coast. There to repel the Rularuu invasion among other crises that arose, they protected the city, much without the general populace even aware of the situation, or their involvement.

In July 2005, Sebastian Kyle disappeared, the psychics unable to locate him through any means. Without his metaphysical expertise the Branch floundered and was eventually shut down by their government sponsors. Unknown to the Government, the In-Betweener returned and with volunteers from former agents, helped to seal some of the greater evils that they'd defeated out of our dimension, at the sacrifice of their physical bodies.

In September 2006, the Government felt that with the intrusion of the Spirit World on Croatoa, and the insurgance of villains from the Rogue Isles, that it was time to found a new E-Branch. They searched for possible candidates to head up the Branch eventually settling on Myrios LeJean, aka Lord Legion. Not nearly as stoic and dependent on the rules, he was quite the opposite of his predecessor. He went about recruiting agents behind the scenes, picking up, seemingly randomly, the recipients of the 'Project Patriot' experiments, as well as many qualified psychics.

Today he leads the Branch, having to spend most of his time in meetings with government officials and members of the military, much of the time explaining the actions of his agents and his own devil may care approach to leadership.

Branch Structure

The Leadership and Agents of the Branch are made up of several tiers.

Minister Responsible

Lord Legion holds the title of Minister Responsible. It is his duty to oversee the operation of the Branch as a whole. He also must deal with the Branch's government sponsors and request budgeting and resources. While his cavalier attitude may not be the best suited for the job, their sponsors can't argue with the results. The Minister Responsible is more of a political job, overseeing the rest of the Branch and making sure their funding continues


The Commander is actually the active Head of the Branch. He parcels out missions and assigns new recruits to mentors. The Commander's only superior is the Minister Responsible himself. Dealing directly with the Agents, he has many of the same powers that the Minister Responsible has.

Division Leaders

The Division Leaders deal directly with the agents and are in charge of specific groups of them. They are responsible for imparting group tactics, dealing with issues within their particular ranks, and designating field exercises to keep the agents sharp and well trained. There are three Divisions in the Branch: Assault, Support, and Defensive. While all three of these divisions are formidible, it's the cooperation and expertise of each that makes the Branch as formidible as it is.

Assault Division

The Assault Division is made up of Blasters and Scrappers. Undeniably the most forceful of the Divisions, they can deal out incredible amounts of damage at once. Consisting of Pyrokinetics, Telekinetics, Cryokinetics and a myriad of other powers focusing on damage, they make up the front lines of any Branch team.

Support Division

The Support Division is made up of Controllers and Tankers. Able to deal damage in their own right, they are better suited to providing support for the Assault Division by taking the attention away from them and keeping the rest of the team safe. They make up secondary damage dealers and crowd control, turning an impossible situation into a winning scenario

Defensive Division

The Defensive Division is made up of Defenders and Kheldians. The Defenders make up the necessary backbone of any team. Providing health and buffing with their Empaths, 'Sirens', and other psychics, they provide the much needed boost to get the other divisions through the Fray. The Kheldians make up the wildcard group. Able to both play back up Assault, and backup Support, they're the 'interns' of the Divisions. They fill the much needed versatility role able to provide healing, support in the role of secondary tanker, and assault in the form of their Nova forms and blasts in their human forms. While the least offensively minded Division, they are undoubtedly as important, if not more than any other division.


Lieutenants are chosen by their respective Division Leaders and are in charge of the Division should the Division Leader not be available. They have many of the abilities of their superiors and help to ensure that there is always someone to bring problems, suggestions, and information to. They are leaders in their own right and carry nearly as much responsibility to the Branch as the higher ranking Agents.


Making up the rank and file of the Branch, the Agents are the field operatives of E-Branch. Being assigned missions from their superiors, they handle the day to day duties often alongside the Officers and Commanders of the Branch.

Base of Operations

Discreetly housed in an office skyscraper adjacent to the Paragon Police Department in King's Row, E-Branch houses full facilities for both the research of technological and arcane. They feature a full range of Teleporters to get their agents to any location in Paragon City and the surrounding areas. Fully advanced medical bays for both physical and metaphysical patients and an incredible database of information both from government sources and their own research, both past and present.

E-Branch Medical Bay
One of 7 Teleporter Rooms
Workshop and Storage


Within E-Branch are several departments which the hundreds of member agents are assigned to, depending on level of activity and control over their abilities.

E-Branch: Reserves

Most of the inactive, part time, or injured Agents find their home in the Reserves, albeit temporarily. Here they hone their abilities, seek mentoring from more senior agents, and forming bonds with their fellow recruits. Many choose to remain here as there is much more leeway in the Reserves, and in the case of injured agents, the duty is much lighter.


The main Branch is made up of both recruits who have proven incredible control of their abilities and tactical reasoning in the field. These Agents are given many tough assignments and often mentor the newer Agents, helping to ensure the quality of agents


There are several regulations governing the day to day operations of the Branch.

New Recruits

Every Branch member has the ability to recruit new Agents. Trust is placed in members to recruit quality agents that will fit well among the other Agents. A new recruit is placed in the care of their Division Leader for the span of one week. This helps to ensure that both the recruit and the Branch are a good fit for each other, as well as giving the new member a chance to meet the others in the Branch, and possibly learn from each other in the form of tactics, information, and powerset information.

At the end of the one week period the recruit meets with his Division Leader, the Commander, or the Minister Responsible and they decide whether they're a good fit for each other. They'll be receiving mentoring in the span of the week so both will know where the strength of each lies. If the Branch and/or the recruit are not good matches for each other, one or the other will give reasons why and go their separate ways without any hard feelings. This helps both the player and the leadership grow and evolve, turning their weaknesses eventually into strengths.


Running in Supergroup mode is not required but would be beneficial for the continued expansion of the Branch facilities. Prestige isn't emphasized, and in fact is barely ever checked unless there's an expansion of facilities expected. We prefer our players to have fun and enjoy themselves rather than stress and worry about where the money for their next upgrade comes from.

For those who do need money there is enhancement bins located in the base for the express purpose of providing a little needed boost to funds and helps to offset the cost a bit of people who do run in Supergroup Mode.


While most of us are adults, there is a modicum of ettiquette that is expected on the Global Channel. If there are complaints, the player will be addressed about them and given a chance to correct their actions. If improvement doesn't take place they will be removed from the channel.

Role Playing

We have a good number of people who engage in light to heavy RP in the Branch, and often we have some sort of 'freeform' rp sessions. Many of us engage in RP during missions, which might be a little disconcerting to people who aren't used to it. Some of them are more 'mature' than others.

Fan Fiction

We have a sizable fan fiction section on the website. The players are required to put up a tentative 'rating' so that younger viewers or people adverse to 'questionable content' will be well advised before opening the story


There is no set uniform for E-Branch. Our Agents are undercover many times, and focused on doing their duties as discreetly as possible. A standard uniform would compromise that ability, so the attire and uniform of the agents is left to their discretion.


E-Branch has formed several alliances with other Supergroups, making everyone involved a stronger community and family. These alliances include:

Heaven's Sword, Cold Front, Paragon Felines for Freedom and Truth, New Initiative

Associated Villain Group:

Swords of Anarchy

To Apply For Membership:

We don't actively recruit, oftentime finding members that we run around with and form friendships with. If you're interested in joining you can go to and post your interest, way to contact you and your Archetype. Your potential division leader will contact you in game and set up a meeting so that you can be invited and get to feel things out.


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