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Hey guys and gals and everyone in-between. My name back in the day was Denji, but I now go by Leif. (I wonder what I need to do to get my name changed and stay as a Sysop.) I highly doubt you care much about who I am as much as the characters I play. Here's some basic info, anyway. This page is subject to a rework. Stay tuned, and please excuse the mess. I'm a huge altoholic.


About the player


A SG's I have been a part of, or ones I interacted a lot with:

I'm always open to joining a supergroup because I have SO MANY ALTS. If you'd like to recommend one to me, by all means! Leave me a message on my talk page.


A list of characters. Grouped by where they are mostly associated with. Hover over their picture to see a brief description, click to go to their article.

Paragon City Heroes

A charismatic and charming young man who is wise beyond his years. A storm summoner with an even temperment and kind heart. A hot-headed mutant who remains upbeat despite all the negativity. An ordinary young man forcefully doused with magic and lost his family. A young Archmage within the Midnight Squad who strives to become the best pyromancer. A swordsman who searches for answers about his dead master. An ice mutant with a not-so-icey heart. A kind-hearted speedster and doctor who searches for his missing friend. A teenager who has a hatred for magic. The problem is that he's a magician himself.

A young telepath who got his powers from being sucked by a hurricane. A mild-mannered teenager who had gone through hard times with his powers and his friends. A young man with a penchant for music who destroyed a recording studio. A young speedster with a habit of being a little judgemental. A mutant with superhuman strength and the heart of gold. A white magician who breaks the stereotype of a white mage. A powerful martial artist who seeks to discover the powers he was taught. A celestial warrior of the Azure Dragon of the East who seeks to understand his mission. A former swimmer who allowed his thirst for power to consume him, only for karma to ruin him. A martial artist who is trying to calm his life down from the constant travels and moving.

A former jock who found out that he was different from everyone else. An athlete and a mage who seeks to learn the powers he was granted and taught. A demigod in denial that wants the truth and confront his god parent. An ordinary high school student who had a bad accident involving Crey and Freakshow. A young man who couldn't forgive himself for having a mutation that hurt his entire family and seeks to control his powers. A soft-spoken college student who belives he fades in the background. A mixed martial artist who likes to live with a little excitement. A young gadgeteer who enjoys creating his own devices and electronics and modifying existing ones. A snowboarder from Aspen, Colorado who seeks to atone for his terrible mistake.

The Rogue Isles Residents

A rogue mercenary who will only take jobs that pay the highest. An Olympian who seeks to destroy the ones who attempted to destroy him and his friends. A high-ranking officer of Arachnos that seeks to broaden his horizons.

Praetorian Loyalists

A young man in service to Praetor Sinclair and Emperor Cole whose loyalty has now been questioned after learning the truth.

Praetorian Resistance

A Praetorian outlaw who seeks to destroy Cole and his entire administration. A young man whose family and friends were taken away from him and seeks revenge. A young ninja who has now left the clutches of Cole and is enjoying a free life on the other side. A young science prodigy who was wronged by the citizenry and now seeks to have his own life. A BAF escapee who now struggles to find pieces of who he is and his past.


A magician from a dystopian Earth that seeks to understand why his world ends up in a dark chaos.

Origin Count

Originicon natural.png 4 Originicon science.png 5 Originicon mutation.png 16 Originicon magic.png 13 Originicon technology.png 1

It's obvious what I like, ain't it.

Archetype Count

H archetypeicon scrapper.png 8 H archetypeicon blaster.png 8 H archetypeicon defender.png 7 H archetypeicon tanker.png 6

V archetypeicon corruptor.png 6 V archetypeicon stalker.png 2 V archetypeicon brute.png 1 V archetypeicon arachnos soldier.png 1

Some RP guidelines

I don't have much, but here's a quick run down.


I really don't have one because I'm such a huge altoholic. Though, one main I can always speak of being a main is Albert.

Sysop Status

I am still a Sysop here. If you have any questions or concerns regarding anything VirtueVerse-related, please let me or any other Sysop know. If there is something I am unable to answer for you, I will forward your concerns to our Admin or our bureaucrat.

Art Comissions!

If you are an artist and are taking commissions, please leave me a message! I'm always looking for artists who can and are willing to take my commissions!

Also, if you'd like to suggest an artist to me, please do so!


I have also created many templates. They are, of course, based on the Hero and Villain templates by Eisregen. You are free to use them to your liking!

Viktor || Kou || Default Hero || Mercenary || Loyalists || Resistance || Just Blue || Just Green || Byakko || Genbu || Seiryuu || Suzaku

If you don't like these pre-made templates, I have also made a template for more customization at this Mod Box. You can customize your background, text, and border colors.

The following templates are SG-based and should not be used unless you are a member of said SG: The Young Watchers; Occult Magician's Guild


I stole this shiznit from a dude named Mac. I hope he doesn't mind that I use it.

January February March

8th - Tetsuhiro's Birthday
19th - Scott's Birthday
21st - Andrew's Birthday
28th - Nate's Birthday

11th - Johnny's Birthday
13th - Ethan's Birthday
26th - Taylor's Birthday

15th - Matthew's Birthday
20th - Jinhwo's Birthday
24th - Walter's Birthday
25th - Viktor's Birthday

April May June

1st - Mario's Birthday
7th - Cid's Birthday
17th - Edgar's Birthday
20th - Seiji's Birthday
29th - Jordan's Birthday

7th - Casey's Birthday
19th - Keith's Birthday

11th - Charlie's Birthday
20th - Robbie's Birthday
25th - Julian's Birthday

July August September

2nd - Calvin's Birthday
16th - Wesley's Birthday
28th - Albert's Birthday
(his Praetorian also shares this birthday)

5th - Darren's Birthday
23rd - Zion's Birthday
27th - Steve's Birthday
31st - Jae-Hwon's Birthday

14th - Kyle's Birthday
25th - Chris' Birthday
(his Praetorian also shares this birthday)

October November December

13th - Carter's Birthday
23rd - Everett's Birthday

17th - Teddy's Birthday
25th - Junpei's Birthday

10th - Lance's Birthday
11th - Gary's Birthday

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